Friday 12 February 2016

Today's Review: Ritter Sport Rum Raisins Hazelnuts

It's not often that I pick up a bar of Ritter Sport, they're never stocked in my regular supermarkets, and they're normally pretty expensive when I do find them. But I just picked up this bar for £1 from a One Stop. The bars I've had before contain some good chocolate, and this one promise rum, raisins and hazelnuts on top. I'm all for a nice fruit and nut bar, and the prospect of a hint of rum was interesting, so I snapped it up.

I thought it would be a hint of rum, but I was quite wrong. Despite only containing 2% of the stuff, the smell was pretty apparent as soon as I opened the packaging, and it only got worse as I started eating it. Now, I'm not a big rum drinker, but I can handle a shot or two if I'm in the mood, so a little rum flavouring wouldn't have been too bad. But the rum in this bar just overwhelms everything else. The textures are all there, sure, so I could pick out the raisins and nuts, but I couldn't taste them. Even the chocolate took a back seat to the rum, this was pretty much like drinking a shot with a bit of fruit and nut dropped in it. I don't know if I got a weird bar, some of the reviews I read said it has a mild rum flavour, but I couldn't get on with this at all. I think I'll go for the non-alcoholic chocolate in future.

My rating: 1/5

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