Wednesday 24 February 2016

Today's Review: Tesco Hazelnut & Cherry Bites

I know these bags of bites have been around for a while, but my Tesco have only just started stocking more than two varieties (which also happen to be the blandest varieties available). I was tempted to go for the Jelly Bean Jumble, but there's something I find a bit off with putting chewy sweets inside cakey concoctions, a mismatch in textures that I can't really get on board with. I still almost grabbed the bag though, before my eyes settled on these hazelnut and cherry bites. They don't sound particularly outrageous, sure, but they look like a very nice twist on the classic fruit and nut, and anything with cherries in is hard for me to pass up. 

These bites are made up of dark chocolate biscuit pieces, with hazelnuts, glacé cherries and sultanas, all covered in milk chocolate. You can probably tell from the description alone that they're pretty damn good, and they sure are. Each bite is fantastically chocolatey, a satisfyingly crunchy experience that has a nice chewiness to it provided by the fruit crammed within. The cherries are particularly noticeable, making for a pleasantly fruity taste. The texture of the hazelnuts is apparent, though unfortunately I couldn't detect a lot of nuttiness in the flavour. But I guess that's just because all the other elements are so well presented, the hazelnut may be a little lost, but what is there is pretty damn delicious. This is a great spin on a classic fruit and nut mixture, it's definitely one for the chocolate lovers, perhaps not so much for fans of nuts, but this is a bag I will most likely be picking up again.

My rating: 4/5

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