Monday 9 July 2018

Today's Review: McVitie's Hobnobs THins

The thin biscuit trend is very much alive, just check these out. They're like Digestives Thins, but this time they're made of chocolate Hobnobs. Yes, that's about it, these are thin versions of the classic Hobnob, but they still manage to get that chocolate layer on top. You actually get a fair amount in the packet, which is good, because they're very moreish. They have that awesome oaty flavour you'd find in your regular Hobnob, and chocolate makes everything better. What I will say is that in the process of becoming thin, these biscuits have lost a certain something, I think the chunkiness of a Hobnob is what makes it great, but the oats in these have pretty much been squashed to oblivion. Still good though, and better for you, as long as you can stop eating them...

My rating: 4/5


  1. Have to say i dont get this trend or the point of it - i'd just eat more to compensate. i have to control my biscuit buying anyway as i just eat the entire packet (we hardly had biscuits at home cos my mum would eat them all, and thus i love biscuits and have the same issue..)

  2. Did not like them at all, can’t beat hobnob chocolate bicky 👍