Thursday 19 July 2018

Today's Review: McVitie's Moments Salted Caramel Billionaire

Yes, I'm back for more McVitie's Moments. I was slightly disappointed by the Rocky Road edition, but I figured I'd dive back in for some salted caramel goodness, in the form of these billionaire squares. These feature a a chocolate topping and a salted caramel layer on top of some crushed Digestives squares.

These are good, not perfect, but pretty good. I mean, I enjoyed these more than the Rocky Road, but they are still a little on the dry side. The chocolate is nice and thick, with a smooth, sweet sauce underneath, which has a nice salty kick to it. The sauce permeates well into the Digestives, allowing the flavour to carry through, I just think it could have done with a bit more caramel to perfect that balance. Some nice little cakey squares.

My rating: 4/5

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