Saturday 7 July 2018

Today's Review: Propercorn Chocolate Popcorn

The popcorn trend seems to be experience a little revival after dwindling over the past couple of years. Here we have a new flavour of Propercorn, who brought out the divine peanut and almond popcorn a while back. This bag is chocolate flavour, and from the picture on the front I figured they'd found a way to get the chocolate flavouring inside the kernels themselves. However, upon opening, it's clear this is a sweet popcorn with a powdery chocolate coating.

It's pretty good, the stuff on top, a nice authentic chocolate flavour. But the very nature of it does make the experience a little dry. Still quite sweet, but even the kernels themselves could have done with a bit of a kick, a bit more sugar to add in that satisfying crunch, I think that would have accompanied the chocolate quite well. As it stands, this bag is a bit dry and powdery, I definitely prefer popcorn coated in a layer of chocolate, although that's clearly less healthy.

My rating: 3/5


  1. This Popcorn tastes like poop 1/5

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