Thursday 13 February 2014

Today's Review: Cadbury Egg 'N' Spoon

These interesting little chocolate eggs first came out last year, but I was in full on diet mode then and missed the opportunity to try them. So now I was finally able to grab a box, along with a box of the new milky mousse flavour as seen above. I've heard many people say that these are very sickly, but that certainly wasn't going to put me off.

These eggs are beautifully presented, with each four pack coming in its own little egg box, complete with two little plastic spoons. You bite the top off the egg, revealing a smooth, creamy mousse inside for you to scoop out, before devouring the shell. While the innards are certainly very sweet, I didn't find them too sickly at all, and in fact I prefer them to the thick fondant you'd find in the vastly popular Creme Egg. The milky mousse filling is lighter than the original, but they are certainly both delicious. This is a great Easter product from Cadbury, probably one of my favourites. So don't listen to the haters, tuck into a box today.

My rating: 5/5

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