Sunday 2 February 2014

Today's Review: Aero Cake

This was pretty hard to pass up, despite its pretty high price of £8. It's an Aero cake! Well, an Aero Bubbles cake, and in a world where the regular chocolate Aero Bubbles can't be found anywhere, but the orange and mint ones abound, this seemed to be the only way to get ahold of them. Plus there's cake too, so that's a bonus. 

Perhaps I was a bit too hasty in picking this up just to get at the Bubbles, but that was all I could see when looking at the packaging. There's certainly some cake underneath, but it's nothing Aero-like. It's a simple chocolate sponge, quite moist, but not that interesting. Thankfully the icing on top was more exciting. It's a lovely, smooth buttercream, with a fair amount of Bubbles stuck in and drizzled with white chocolate. Once I'd polished off the pretty average cake, my spirits were lifted by this chocolatey goodness. I wouldn't say this Aero cake is worth the full price, but it's certainly quite tasty. I wish they'd just done something more with the sponge.

My rating: 4/5

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