Sunday 23 February 2014

Today's Review: Ben & Jerry's Core: All Or Nut-ting

Yay, time for another Core flavour from Ben & Jerry's, and since I've been impressed with others, I was looking forward to trying this one, even if it is nut-based. What we have here is a chocolate hazelnut core, surrounded by both chocolate and hazelnut ice creams, with a generous smattering of chocolate chunks throughout.

Doesn't sound too exciting, and you'd be right, but what is here is pretty decent. The main attraction is the hazelnut ice cream, which is certainly very nutty and creamy. I'm not a huge fan of hazelnut, but this is a fantastic use of it, any hardcore but fans will probably love it even more than I did. It's just the rest of the tub isn't exactly inspired. The chocolate ice cream is as good as ever, and the chocolate chunks are nice, but since this is a nutty ice cream, I don't see why they couldn't have thrown in some hazelnut pieces for good measure to make it a little more interesting. The core, which will probably entice a lot of people, is basically like Nutella. Not that that's a bad thing, it's a nice bold flavour that really pulls the two ice cream flavours together.

It may sound like I'm quite disappointed in this flavour, but it's a good effort that is certainly tasty. It's just a little on the bland side compared to the other awesome flavours that Ben and Jerry have churned out recently. If you love your nuts, you'll probably love digging into this, but I certainly wouldn't choose it over my other favourite flavours.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Oh wow! Can I ask where you found it?

    1. I found it in Sainsbury's, half price at the moment!

  2. sadly it's hit the graveyard. :( ben & jerry's have actualy replied to me twice a the moment about this flavur