Saturday 23 August 2014

Today's Review: Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers

While we have Maltesers, our American friends have Whoppers. While I may prefer sucking on our chocolate malty balls (obligatory 1998 South Park reference), I am quite fond of the state side version. They have a distinct flavour, and more of a heavy, crunchy texture. So I was pleased when I found this strawberry milkshake variety. Even though it seems a little odd, I guess milkshake flavour is in keeping with the already milky nature of the product. 

These Whoppers certainly look the part. They're bright pink, as shown on the box, and that coating comprises of a very sweet strawberry milkshake flavour. Keep in mind this is an American product, and they don't care about using all natural flavourings, so these indeed taste quite artificial, and a little bit too sickly for my liking. The innards are much more palatable, a satisfyingly crunchy, milky core that is true to the original Whoppers. So it's all good inside, but the coating leaves a bit to be desired. Certainly strawberry milkshake like, but not particularly nice. These are just pretty average, and not a patch on the original.

My rating: 3/5


  1. where did you buy these from? they look so good.

    1. I bought them from Mr. Simms. Could only see the one box though. Never seen them in there before.