Monday 25 August 2014

Today's Review: Windows

Once, humans were free to roam, free to soak up rays of sunshine, to see and experience what the world had to offer. Unfortunately, a lot of what the world had to offer was scary and deadly, so humans decided to put themselves in shelters instead. But that longing to see the outside world still remained, mostly because humans are really nosey. If only there was some way to look out from our dwellings, without leaving their comfort. Oh wait, there is a way. It's called a window.

Wikipedia's example of a window. Not a very good one though, look how dirty it is.
A window is a hole in a building, or even a vehicle, but one that's meant to be there. You see, if theres one thing people don't particularly like, it's being trapped in small, dark spaces. Small spaces are fine, but dark ones are a big no no. That's why windows are great. They let the sunlight shine through, illuminating all the cool stuff in your house, or letting you see the steering wheel of the massive hunk of metal you're propelling along at 40mph. But the great thing about windows is, they work both ways. You can look outside your house, and see how many people don't have as much cool stuff as you, or you can make sure you don't smash into another massive hunk of metal that's being propelled along at 30mph (in this example, you're speeding, you naughty person).

Windows are just inherently useful things, and they're everywhere. They're essential. The only problem is, they're mostly made of glass. This is fine most of the time, but if anyone decides to launch themselves through one (happens more in movies than real life) they could get hurt quite badly (happens more in real life than movies). But, you know, that doesn't happen all that much, so on the whole windows are pretty awesome. Except when it's night time of course, then I have to rely on lights to see my cool stuff. But that's not the window's fault, that's the sun. Plus I can still look outside and see the moon, and the stars, and sometimes a drunk person falling over. Thanks windows, you rock.

My rating: 4/5

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