Wednesday 27 August 2014

Today's Review: Monster Assault

Found in Poundland, this can of Monster Assault appears to be a relatively recent import from the States. I'm always up for trying new energy drink flavours, but the problem with Monster is that the flavours are often hard to gauge. Relentless do it well, with their "lemon ice" or "cherry", but Monster opt for cryptic, destructive names like "Ripper" or "Khaos". They don't particularly sound appetising, and this one is no exception. But hey, I still eagerly opened the can and prepared to taste a healthy dose of Assault.

I think the reason why Monster don't specify their flavours is that they can't quite get them right. I think Ripper is meant to be orange juice-like, while Khaos is sort of peachy. I can certainly see what they're getting at, but I'm never sure what I'm meant to be tasting. That trend continues here. With no idea what to base my expectations on, it took me a good few sips to place any kind of flavour. I settled on a sort of cola, though a very watered down one. The internet seems to agree with me, so I guess my taste buds still work, but that also means that this Monster is quite underwhelming. There's a small hint of fruitiness, and a definite cola flavour, but none of it is particularly bold, or nice. If you're looking for energy though, this delivers in true Monster fashion, it certainly perked me up. It just wasn't very tasty. Definitely not disgusting, but nothing great either.

My rating: 2/5

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