Saturday 2 August 2014

Today's Review: Dairy Milk With Chips Ahoy!

It's a good thing I can't get enough of all these Dairy Milk variations, because apparently Dairy Milk can't stop making them. This time around we have a Dairy Milk bar combined with Chips Ahoy! cookies, and even though toes cookies aren't even available in this country, it sure didn't stop them. 

For the uninitiated, Chips Ahoy! are chocolate chip cookies, but really good ones. Think Maryland, but less crumbly. They're crunchy, chocolatey, good stuff. Of course, embedded in Dairy Milk they kind of lose some of that crunchiness, much like the Oreo Dairy Milk. But that doesn't mean this chocolate is bad.

Quite the opposite in fact. There's a thick layer of creamy, cookie flavoured goodness inside the chocolate shell, embedded with chocolate chips. The flavour of the stuff inside is undeniably chocolate chip cookie, and combines with the texture it gains something of a cookie dough experience. While some Dairy Milk varieties get a bit overwhelmed by the chocolate, this bar is undeniably cookie based. This is another great effort from Cadbury, and hopefully it means a UK release for Chips Ahoy! on the horizon...

My rating: 5/5


  1. Chips Ahoy! seem to have some interesting vartieties, so let's hope they definitely do decide to launch them in the UK!

    As for Dairy Milk I'm *still* waiting for them to do a peanut butter variety. Maybe as Mondelez don't own any famous peanut butter brands they won't bother, since they only seem to do cross-branded Dairy Milk's now..

    1. Cyber Candy do a pretzel and peanut butter Dairy Milk:

      It's amazing, but pretty expensive.