Friday 1 August 2014

Today's Review: Milk Pocky

There's always room in my heart for more Pocky, and this flavour was an interesting pick up. The regular flavours may include milk chocolate, but if you don't fancy the chocolate you can now go with just milk. I don't know why you'd ever forgo the chocolate, but hey, the option is there. Plus there's a cure little cow on the box to persuade you.

So yes, these Pocky are the average pretzel sticks, but covered with a creamy, milk flavoured coating. I'm not sure exactly which milk it's meant to taste like, but it's certainly a sugary one. Of course, I probably shouldn't expect an authentic milk taste from these, and indeed, the coating tastes more like the milk bottle sweets you can pick up from any good sweet shop. It's an okay flavour, but it doesn't work all that well in Pocky form. These aren't bad, but they're not great, and they certainly don't beat other Pocky varieties.

My rating: 3/5

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