Saturday 18 February 2017

Today's Review: Kettle Honey & Black Pepper Veg Chips

Regular Kettle Chips are great, but their Veg Chips are pretty good too. A selection of sweet potato, beetroot and parsnip, they provide some interesting flavours and textures, as well as colours. Vegetable chips seem to be a relatively new addition to the crisp aisle, and so far there haven't been too many variations on the simple salted flavours. But Kettle Chips have recently added a few new bags to the range, and this one sounded the most interesting, a combination of honey and black pepper.

The chips themselves are of good quality, as I expected. They have a nice crunch, and some distinct tones of flavour depending on which vegetable you go for. The stuff layered on top, however, is a little bland. The honey is the most noticeable element, and while it's good that it's not layered on thick, I feel it could have been a bit stronger. As it is, it's weak, and only provides a hint of sweetness. It works quite well paired with the saltiness and the vegetables themselves, but it left me wanting more. as for the black pepper, I can't say I really noticed it at all. Sure, there's a taste of seasoning on these, but I couldn't particularly identify black pepper, so that could definitely have been better represented. So some good, some bad, these chips looked promising, but in reality they're nothing special. I'll keep an eye out for the salt & vinegar bag to see if they're any better.

My rating: 3/5

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