Friday 3 February 2017

Today's Review: Maryland Crispies

Maryland have been releasing cookies in all shapes and sizes recently. Well, all sizes anyway, they're generally quite round. We've had large chunky ones, chocolate covered bite size ones. But here is a new variety of the original sized cookie. Maryland crispies are Maryland cookies with crispy pieces in. Also some flavourings. So here we have choc chip & caramel, and choc chip & coconut.

I'll say it right now, the addition of crispy pieces seems... unnecessary. Maryland cookies are already pretty crispy, and I must admit that I hardly tasted any additional crispy bits while making my way through these. I managed to isolate a single piece at one point, but eating that on its own wasn't exactly a fantastic experience. It seems like a pretty weird gimmick, and it doesn't really work. The flavourings, however, are pulled off pretty well. The caramel can become a little sickly, but it's a smooth, sweet flavour that permeates well through the cookie. The coconut ones are actually pretty good, not an overwhelming coconut taste, but one that's definitely noticeable throughout. So really, these could have just been new flavours of Maryland cookies and I wouldn't have noticed any difference. The crispy pieces are pointless, barely identifiable, so it's really a mixed bag of stuff in these packets.

My rating: 3/5

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