Thursday 2 February 2017

Today's Review: McCoy's Chip Shop Salt & Vinegar Chips

I love McCoy's. They provide me with salt & vinegar crisps that threaten to cut my mouth open after over-consumption, and that's just how I like them. Now they've unveiled a new range of crisps, or should I say "chips"? Or both actually, because they're crisps that are shaped like chips. Not the American ones, the British ones. Yes, these chip shaped potato chips (okay, this is getting confusing) are available in a range of chip shop inspired flavours.

Actually, it seems like there are only two flavours. One is salted, and one is salt & vinegar. Yes, I know that technically those are chip shop flavours, but those are flavour that already exist in standard McCoy's form. So what we have here are just McCoy's crisps that have been cut into chip shapes. It's not bad taste wise, the flavouring is still as strong as ever, bold and pleasantly caustic. The smaller crisps are a little easier to handle as well, I've had a few big McCoy's crisps in the past that are hard to fit in the mouth. Still, the whole idea seems pretty sloppy when you see there are only two pre-existing flavours available. It seems a bit like a cash grab, a pretty small share bag released at an inflated price. I can't fault the crisps themselves much, but the execution is not great.

My rating: 3/5

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