Tuesday 21 February 2017

Today's Review: Walkers Mediterranean Cracked Mixed Pepper

Walkers have introduced a new line of share bags under the name "Mediterranean", which promises "100% Olive Oil". I wasn't sure if they meant they were made from 100% olive oil, but that wouldn't make much sense. Turns out they're actually 32.5% olive oil, but I guess the olive oil is 100% pure olive oil? I don't know, marketing is strange sometimes. All I will say is these crisps are made with olive oil, and given a mixed pepper flavouring. These don't come in many particularly comprehensive flavours, but I figured I'd give these a go.

Turns out I was right to be confused by the blurb on the front, while these aren't made entirely of olive oil, they seem like more than 32%. They're greasy, and the olive oil taste is the first thing I noticed when I started eating. It's not particularly nice, and it even dampens the crunch of the crisps a little. The pepper does eventually come through, and it's not a bad flavouring, it's just the olive oil is always there, and it just doesn't work with me. I'm sure Walkers were going for a more upmarket pack of crisps, but I just can't recommend these.

My rating: 1/5


  1. I tried the Walkers Bugles (wife says they are well known over the Pond) - I just think they should stick to what they're good at - making damn fine crisps. Thanks for the blog, entertaining as ever.

  2. Yeah, the Bugles seem to be pretty devoid of flavour. I remember liking them as a kid, but I guess kids don't know any better.