Thursday 9 February 2017

Today's Review: Posh Choc Nibbles

Last year I reviewed Choc Nibbles, chunks of chocolate and caramel goodness that didn't look appetising, but tasted amazing. Now it seems they've gone "posh", and apparently "posh" means "coated in chocolate", because that seems to be the only difference between these and the original. A thorough chocolate coating does make these look more like a human snack and less like a rodent one, but what effect does it have on the taste?

Underneath the chocolate is still the same old good stuff, a great blend of chocolate and caramel that's sweet and creamy, and even the icing sugar dusting is intact, giving a satisfying texture with an extra burst of sweetness. The chocolate coating on top of all that is still great, these guys know how to do chocolate. The only thing is, I feel it's a little too much chocolate per piece, and I found these were quite filling after a few handfuls. Of course, the whole bag isn't meant to be eaten in one go, but I feel it would be more challenging to down these than the original variety, the chocolate on top makes them a tiny bit sickly. Of course, I have no evidence for this, because eating entire share size bags of things is something I'd never do...

These are still good though, good quality chocolate throughout, as well as all the other stuff chucked in there, it's just the poshness is a little too much. Still better than a lot of stuff out there.

My rating: 4/5

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