Tuesday 9 May 2017

Today's Review: Aero Heavenly Salted Caramel Mousse

We all love a bit of Aero. Hell, we all love a bit of Aero Mousse too. But what if I told you that your Aero Mousse was about to get heavenly? Check this out, it's a giant pot of Aero Mousse, but not as you know it. It's a salted caramel mousse, with caramel sauce, and embedded with pecans. Sounded good to me, even if the double caramel sounded like a bit of overkill.

This stuff seems to fall into that category of salted caramel products that skimp on the salt. The mousse and the sauce seem quite indistinguishable, I wouldn't say I detected much saltiness at all. It's not a bad mousse by any means, but people should stop pushing this salted caramel agenda. Plain old caramel is still good too, you know. Anyway, this is a nice, light, sweet mousse. I'd liken it most to the taste of butterscotch Angel Delight. Sure, it could be better, but it's a decent effort. The pecans are an interesting addition, adding a bit of a crunch and a little nutiness to the flavour, but they don't really stop this from being a fairly average attempt at a luxury mousse. You do get a lot of mousse for your moola, but this isn't amazing stuff.

My rating: 3/5

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