Wednesday 31 May 2017

Today's Review: More KIND Bars

I reviewed a selection of the KIND bars I was sent a few days back, and now I'm happy to say I've made my way through the rest of them. These are all natural, nutritional bars made from natural ingredients, available in a good variety of flavours. So here we go.

Ooh, this one looked a bit naughty. It pretty much looks like a chocolate bar, but instead it's a nice spread of almonds coated in dark chocolate and a hint of coffee. I was hoping the coffee wasn't going to be too strong, as much as I love it, and it actually blends in very nicely with the chocolate.

Chocolate and sea salt, it's a good combination, and it's especially evident here. The nuts take the forefront in this bar, but the chocolate is ever present, and the flavour is brought out with a lovely sprinkling of real sea salt. It's a little blander compared to the other offerings, but that's not a bad thing, it's a clean tasting bar with the right amount of sweetness.

I never used to like coconut, but I'm quite a fan now. An almond bar fused together with coconut and a dash of honey. It's extremely coconutty, which does make it a bit overly sweet, but the nuts mellow it out a little. One for the coconut fans, I guess it could be something of an acquired taste.

More sea salt in this one, and combined with caramel! Take note that in this bar the coating is "caramel flavoured", which I guess they did in order to make everything hold together better. It's definitely not real caramel, but it doesn't taste bad at all. It's another lovely sweet bar, accentuated by the sea salt, with the almonds giving it a good nutty body.

So there we have it, I've completed my journey through the KIND bar range. I can't say I disliked any of these bars, they're all tasty, and they all have great natural ingredients, and are gluten free and low in carbs. I'll definitely be picking some more of these up for a cheeky snack during my diet. 

My rating: 4/5

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