Monday 8 May 2017

Today's Review: Mrs. Bridges Banoffee Curd

I was going for a lovely walk around a reservoir last week, and what better way to end a stroll than to pick up some jars of interesting conserves from the gift shop? Well, technically I skipped the conserves, but this jar definitely caught my eye, it's banoffee curd! Like lemon curd, but banoffee! I grabbed this without hesitation, I was already sure it was going to be great.

Apparently I'm a good judge of taste, because this stuff is damn good. It's a lovely smooth curd that's packed with flavour. A bold banana taste, but one that doesn't overwhelm, as there's a constant presence of toffee that kicks up the sweetness and works beautifully in tandem with the banana. I love a bit of banoffee, and now it's in spreadable form, so there's no hassle involved in getting my fix. Spread it on bread, toast, pancakes, whatever, to give it a great banoffee flavour. Track this stuff down, it's brilliant.

My rating: 5/5

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