Thursday 25 May 2017

Today's Review: KIND Bars

I was sent a selection of bars from the folks at KIND earlier this week, and I've been working my way through the different flavours. All these bars contain a variety of nuts and spices, with some little sweet extras thrown in on top. There's peanut butter, sea salt, vanilla and chocolate to name but a few, and they all sounded pretty tasty to me. The one thing that stopped me hoovering these up in one sitting is that their arrival coincided with me starting a low carb diet. Thankfully, these bars are all natural and nutritious, with each one clocking in at under 20g of carbs. So since I'm working through these at the very slow rate of one per day, I figured I'd talk about that ones I've had so far, and cover the rest in a few days. So here we go.

Each one of these bars is nutty, but this one kicks it up a notch with a dash of peanut butter. So on top of the great nut taste, there's an added creaminess, as well as some dark chocolate thrown in to make it extra sweet. A lovely nutty bar that tastes clean and natural. 

Almonds are the focus of this bar, and there's a slight drizzle of vanilla that adds a nice sweet hint on top. This one is a little more bland compared to the one above, but the little vanilla there is goes a long way to making this perfectly enjoyable, and the almonds are of a good quality.

That's right, it's maple pecans, in a healthier, non-pastry form. This one is fantastic, with real maple syrup that provides a very satisfactory level of sweetness. We all know maple and pecan go together, and it's no exception here, a great combination that has a bit of sea salt thrown in to really bring out the flavour. Delicious.

I tried one more flavour tonight, but I forgot to snap a picture before I shoved it in my face. It's a dark chocolate and cherry bar, which seems pretty decadent, but utterly fantastic. It's a cherry, cashew and almond bar, with a generous coating of dark chocolate. The chocolate and cherry are at the forefront of the flavour, and there's a touch of honey thrown in for good measure. It's a wonderfully sweet bar, and it tastes like it should be really unhealthy. It still has under 200 calories though, so it's not bad at all. It's probably my favourite of the ones I've tried so far, but they're all good.

These KIND bars are tasty, natural tasting, and pretty great nutrition wise. Being at the start of a diet that cuts out a whole lot of foods, these are perfect for a sweet snack. I'm looking forward to eating the rest of my selection.

My rating: 5/5

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