Monday 15 May 2017

Today's Review: Cadbury Milk Chocolate Roundies

Here we go, Cadbury are at it again. If they're not bringing out a new chocolate bar, they're likely dipping their fingers in some other pie, and it looks like they're having a crack at the biscuit market again. I don't blame them really, their line of biscuits based on chocolate bars is quite divine, but it looks like they're trying something a little different with these Roundies. They are so called because they are round, I imagine, much like their other biscuits... But anyway, these are a triple layered wafer biscuit, with chocolate in between, and wrapped up in more chocolate. Because we all need more chocolate. They each come wrapped in their own little foil container as well, so maybe these are meant to be somewhat fancy?

These biscuits are fairly substantial, which I suppose is why they're individually wrapped, to encourage single portions. They're pretty filling as well, which is good. The chocolate coating is pretty thick and gives something of a nice snap, giving way to several layers of crunchy wafer. The wafer is somewhat dry and brittle, I ended up with a few crumbs, so I guess it could have been better. Thankfully, the chocolate in between wafers is enough to add a bit of moisture and make these turn out pretty alright in the end. These are nice thick chocolate biscuits. It's a shame the wafer isn't a bit better, but these are worth tracking down, because knowing Cadbury's track record with their new ranges, these won't be around for a long time.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I wasn't keen as it tasted like something was missing
    The combination wasn't pleasant for me.

  2. The caramel ones are sensational!! I am addicted and getting my friends into them too!! Hope they stick around,my local Morrison's haven't had them in stock for a few weeks worrying....

  3. These have an overwhelming taste of wafer. I don't understand wafer. What is the point of it? It's like people don't want full on biscuit, so they wimp out with insipid wafer. But the wafer cardboard taste takes over. Stick to biscuit, people, and let's do away with this wafer nonsense once and for all.

  4. Time out Roundies are a fabulous chocolate biscuit best with a cup of tea or coffee, they are very satisfying to eat with plenty of chocolate on the nice tasting wafer biscuit.
    We buy at least two packs every week and have done since their introduction.
    I find them extremely tasty particularly if kept in the fridge, in my view 10/10 , well done Cadbury.