Saturday 6 May 2017

Today's Review: Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry

McDonald's Monopoly has finished, and for some reason I didn't win a large cash prize. Oh well, there's always next year. Now we can get straight into the Great Tastes of America, which has kicked off nicely with the New York Stack. It may not be any different from last year, but it tastes great so I'm not too mad. I'm pretty happy that they've changed the McFlurry though, last year's strawberry cheesecake offering was pretty sub-par, but now we have a Mississippi mud pie theme going on. The caramel wasn't available at my local earlier, but I figured the standard was a good one to try out first. This McFlurry is swirled with cookie crumble, chocolate covered cookie pieces, and a chocolate fudge sauce. Well, I say it's swirled, but you've gotta do it yourself nowadays. Why don't they flurry the McFlurry any more?

It's nice that they've included two varieties of cookie pieces in this one, while they may be pretty similar, the difference in texture is a nice touch, and the addition of the chocolate coating to the cookie pieces steps up the flavour a notch. The cookie pieces are plentiful, and have a nice grittiness with a bold chocolate flavour. As for the sauce, it's alright, I wouldn't say it's particularly fudgey, but it does keep the ice cream from being too bland. This is a pretty great McFlurry though, a good helping of chocolatey goodness that's a marked improvement on last year.

My rating: 4/5

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