Friday 2 June 2017

Today's Review: KFC Nashville Hot

KFC are switching it up a bit this month. Instead of another burger iteration, they've gone for a new coating. Here is the Nashville Hot, coming with the tagline "Can you handle the heat?" Now, Zinger has been a KFC coating for a good long while, and that has a kick to it, so I was expecting something even hotter from these pieces. Also, there's a gherkin on top of each for some reason. Maybe they had some left over from their last burger. Yes, I said gherkin, that's what the website says. I know the gherkin/pickle distinction caused some debate last time, but really it's a matter of semantics. There are slices of pickled cucumber atop these pieces of chicken.

The gherkin is a bit of an odd addition, I didn't try them with the chicken, I just picked them off and ate them before getting stuck into the chicken proper, so as to fully appreciate the flavour of the coating. What I'll say from the start is that this is not particularly hot. I was expecting something with a lot of spice, so I was disappointed in that respect. It's still good though, a smoky, sweet coating that has a nice crunch and a nice undercurrent of spice that heats everything up. I can definitely handle the heat, and I wish there was more, but this is a nice change from the original recipe. Try it out while it's still around. A 2 piece meal will set you back £4.99.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. Nashville hot chicken is something that has existed for ages. It is traditionally served with pickles, so I think KFC are just following the tradition