Friday 9 June 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Goodness Cheese Dinosaur Shapes

I do like the odd cheese snack, but I don't normally consider them among the best quality foods. But then, I've mostly grabbed Cheesestrings and Babybels from the kids' stash of lunch box fillers, and those always have that slight rubbery outer texture that I guess is good at preserving the stuff. So naturally I consigned all snack cheeses to this way of thinking, until I broadened my horizons and bought up some other varieties. Here is one that we picked up recently, they're blocks of mild cheddar cheese in the shape of dinosaurs. How cute!

Yeah, literally a cheesy dinosaur. At first glimpse it looked fairly underwhelming, and that it may have that rubbery outer layer, but upon opening it I was pretty impressed. Sure, the very outside isn't the best quality cheese, but it gives way to a very decently sized chunk of cheddar that tastes like it's fresh off the block. I perhaps would have enjoyed something stronger, but hey, these are for the kids, and mild isn't so bad every now and then. These make for a good little lunchbox filler, especially if your kids are into dinosaurs. Or if you are, of course.

My rating: 4/5

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