Wednesday 14 June 2017

Today's Review: Mrs. Elswood Hot Dill Cucumbers

There was a time where I couldn't stand pickles. Pickles? Gherkins? Eh, either one is fine. Anyways, I'd be scraping those shrivelled green bits off my Big Mac at every opportunity. But, like a lot of foods, I decided to give pickles a chance, and now I'm pretty much in love. So much so that a jar of pickles is now a permanent resident of my kitchen cupboard (then fridge, 'cause I read the label correctly). Here we have some brand name pickles, or "dill cucumbers", guess Mrs. Elswood didn't want to get embroiled in the naming controversy. These aren't your ordinary pickles though, they're hot, and I definitely like hot, and pickles, so I couldn't pass these up.

Let's start with the basics, these are good quality pickles. Sour, juicy, just great to chop on top of whatever you like, or eat as a snack. But the heat element is where these shine, there are hints of mustard and pepper thrown in here, and they really give quite an intense hit of heat. There are elements of chilli and mustard in there, so it does get to work on the taste buds. It's offset a little by the sweet and sour flavours in the pickle itself, but after eating one there was a lingering heat on my tongue for some time. Not an unpleasant one, but definitely lasting. So if you like heat, and you like pickles, you can't go wrong with these.

My rating: 5/5

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