Saturday 24 June 2017

Today's Review: Co-Op Benji Bears

Oh, Co-Op, you're so shameless. Percy Pigs are a national institution, but you've gone and pumped out these "Benji Bears", identical in design, but surely not in execution? Alright, let's not be too harsh right off the bat, it's nice to have a bit of competition in the market, and besides, these could be great, right?

Yeah, they're not great. I tried to be diplomatic, but these are a somewhat poor imitation. They look like a knock off version of Percy Pigs, and they taste like one too. These come in cola, lemon and berry flavours, and while the berry and lemon are actually quite alright, the cola leaves a lot to be desired, a little bitter from too many flavourings. While the other two flavours are a marked improvement, I wouldn't say they're perfect. Besides, the texture is off too, these are chewy, a little overly so. The time it takes to polish one of these off exceeds the amount of time the flavour lasts, so even the two good flavours lose their charm. So overall, a poor imitation of a classic, turns out we don't need more variety, Percy Pigs are the way to go.

My rating: 2/5

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't be so sure that these are that different to Percy Pigs - check the packaging, if they're made in Germany then they're probably produced for the Coop by Katjes. The flavours sound identical to what you get in "Percy Pig & Pals". Katjes make Percy Pigs for M&S and a number of other supermarket own brand sweets. They also make and sell "Brad the Bunny" in the UK under the Katjes name.