Monday 5 June 2017

Today's Review: The Weather Lately

I live in England, so consistent, nice weather is something that could only happen in my wildest dreams. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it's just cold, rarely it's sunny. But lately it's been all over the place, more than it has before, as far as I can recall. Maybe it's because I'm caught in the midst of it, but I'm finding the whole thing very annoying.

One day it's fairly chilly, I can live with that, but the next day I come prepared with a shirt or jacket, and end up abandoning it and getting sunburn instead. But I needn't worry, because the next day I can cool it down with a nice light rain, or a thunderous downpour, whatever's the flavour of the day. It's ridiculous, I find myself dressing for one type of weather, and then being completely unprepared for what actually happens.  "You should be used to it", you may say, "it's a British way of life". But that doesn't prevent the fact that the weather sucks. At least if it was raining all the time I'd be able to prepare accordingly, but this rampant inconsistency is really getting on my nerves. Sort it out, weather.

My rating: 1/5

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