Friday 29 June 2012

Today's Review: Project X

I'm getting old. Sure, I went to a couple of house parties in my teenage years, and they were pretty awesome, but nowadays the whole prospect just makes me cringe. Who the hell would let teenagers into their home? Kids are assholes.

Project X follows three assholes in particular, played by newcomers, because they want you to think this really happened. Yes, it employs the hand held video camera filming technique, which is kinda starting to annoy me. I know they wanted to make it "realistic", but Warner Bros. have decided to plaster the box and the beginning of the movie with a disclaimer saying that it's not real and holy shit do not do this. Anyway, these teenage assholes are led by the king asshole, Costa, who decides to invite everyone in the world to a birthday party at his friend Thomas' house. Naturally things go wildly out of control, boobies, swears and booze fly everywhere, and everyone thinks it's awesome somehow.

Well, I spent most of this movie cringing. I knew it was fake, but I've heard enough stories to know that people are like this nowadays. Kids piss me off on the best of days, so to put a bunch of them in one place acting like complete assholes just makes me feel uncomfortable. Still, that all wore off in the end when everything spun completely out of control, and I could finally see that the movie wasn't too badly done. It reaches a pretty epic scale by the end, and they actually show the repercussions of everything that happens.

So yeah, Project X is not too bad once you settle into it. But it's still just a bunch of asshole being assholes.

My rating: 3/5

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