Thursday 14 June 2012

Today's Review: Safe House

First Chris Pine, then Ryan Reynolds. Who will be the next Hollywood heart throb to team up with Denzel? My bet is on Channing Tatum.

Anyway, Ryan Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a low level CIA agent in charge of a safe house in South Africa. His work is pretty boring until Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) comes along. Tobin has some pretty top secret information and has turned himself in after being chased by mercenaries, but when they take out the safe house too, it's up to Matt to ensure Tobin is escorted to safety, and that he doesn't overpower him and escape.

That's pretty much the whole movie. There's not too much of a plot to be honest. The whole "secret file" plot element takes a back seat as we spend most of the movie watching Matt chase down Tobin after he escapes several times and gets attacked by mercenaries again. It feels like they couldn't really write a whole lot about the file, so they just opted for a load of chase and action scenes.

Still, they're quite well done. Denzel strolls around being his usual badass self, taking out guys with ease, and Matt frantically drives and runs around trying to cover his own ass while sticking his neck out  to get recognition in his job, and Reynolds does a good job striking that balance with his character. But despite the good performances and action scenes, the movie is ultimately let down by its lack of plot. There could have been many twists and turns throughout, but instead we just have Ryan Reynolds chasing Denzel Washington, and I was hoping there'd be something more.

My rating: 3/5

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