Saturday 2 June 2012

Today's Review: The Vow

Wow, that's a right proper romantic movie pairing. I hear a massive "PHWOAR" coming from both sexes.

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams play Leo and Paige Collins, a happily married couple living happily, until they get in a car accident and Paige loses her memory of the last four years, which conveniently covers the entire period that the couple knew each other. Suddenly Leo finds himself having to prove their love to his wife, and with her overbearing parents trying to drive them apart, can Leo succeed in making love happen for a second time?

It's an interesting concept, one that I might have tossed into the "that would never happen" pile, if it weren't actually based on a true story. Brains are funny things, yo. So we have an interesting twist on the romance movie, and it's actually handled pretty well. Sure, our happy couple both have hipster jobs, and their friends are a bunch of weirdly dressed hipster guys who never seem to be working, but the memories and sentiments are nicely put into place.

Despite how much I dislike Channing Tatum, he isn't all the unlikeable here. He plays the nice guy very well, and The Vow does a good job of not showering him with rewards just for being there. Leo has to put the effort in, and despite all he does there is certainly not the fairy tale ending you might expect. There's a bit of cliche thrown in, but for the most part it tries to stay realistic.

I went in expecting the same old crap, but the Vow surprised me. Sure, it's not great, the performances are a bit lacking in places, and it's a bit corny in places, but it's quite an enjoyable movie.

My rating: 3/5

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