Thursday 21 June 2012

Today's Review: Cadbury's Choc Full Of Popcorn

Wow, it's called what it is. They've got a genius working over there. Yes, the Cadbury bags behemoth is showing no signs of stopping, but instead of cutting up another of their chocolate bars they've decided to go with chocolate covered toffee popcorn.

The bag informs me that the kernels are generously coated, and they actually are. It's a great combination. I've had chocolate popcorn before, but never with Cadbury, the holy grail of chocolate. The only problem with there being a liberal coating of chocolate is that the toffee flavour of the popcorn isn't as noticeable. Still, you can certainly detect a hint of it, and it's the smooth chocolate with the soft popcorn creates a great texture. You've done it again Cadbury, another great snack.

My rating: 5/5


  1. sold out in stoke on trent get some in please.

  2. the co op is like talking to a wall there good at selling them but not restocking up again thy must have lots of money please tell them to send myself some please regards keith trevelyan.

  3. hi its me again tride making some with cad coc but it costs to high so please send my a box full then it will last me 4 or5 days regards keith trev.

  4. thats so is that right regards k.t.