Friday 15 June 2012

Today's Review: Power Cuts

We had a power cut today for the best part of an hour. Luckily, we were sorting things out around the place and it was daytime, so it didn't affect us too much. But being so unclear about when the power would return started to cause some alarm. What if we ran out of battery on our phones? We wouldn't be able to contact anyone. How long would it take the freezer to leave us with a load of half defrosted ice cream that we'd have to eat quickly? First world problems really.

But what if it was dark outside? Sure, I have a torch app on my phone, but that would only last so long. I have candles and a couple of lighters, but otherwise I'm woefully ill equipped for any kind of long stint without power. These kind of thoughts always lead to the bigger picture. How much we all rely on energy. Those on life support or using other electrical equipment, with which a lack of power could mean your death. We've become so reliant on gadgets, electronics for our entertainment, we can't even imagine being without power for long without becoming completely crazy.

So yeah, power cuts suck a lot. Because they prevent me from doing any of the electronic stuff I rely on for entertainment, but also because they remind me how dependent I am on all that stuff.

My rating: 0/5

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