Sunday 1 July 2012

Today's Review: Leaflets In Boxes Of Tablets

You know what I'm talking about. Whether it be prescription, over the counter or off the shelf, there's a 50/50 gamble when you open the box. Will you get the side that's clogged up with that god awful leaflet? They can't just fold it up neatly and slide it down the side of the pills, no, they have to wrap it right around. The aim is to get me to take it out and read it, pay attention to what I'm ingesting, but actually it just pisses me off and either makes me immediately close it and open the other side or just throw the box and leaflet away, leaving me with a whole bunch of nondescript pills lying around.

I understand the need for those mass amount of instructions. They don't want to get sued. They want to tell us about that one guy out of 10,000 who managed to grow boobs on these meds, or whatever. In all probability, the people who require these pills may well be on the wrong side of the evolutionary gene pool. You know, the ones who would be dead by now if modern medicine didn't exist. They need to know this stuff so they don't kill themselves. But do you really think they read all that small print? I sure don't, unless I'm bored and interested in what freak occurrences could happen to my body. I know you want to get the message across guys, but don't make me unravel the stuff from my painkillers when my head is throbbing. It fills me with rage.

My rating: 1/5

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