Wednesday 25 July 2012

Today's Review: Mirror, Mirror

Ooh look, it's one of them fairy tales, but it's done all cheeky with real people like. I've never seen that before, except for Stardust, which probably did it a whole lot better, if only because it had Robert De Niro in a dress.

So here we have Julia Roberts as the evil queen, Lily Collins as Snow White, and a bunch of dwarves as... dwarves. But hey, at least we have Nathan Lane as the queen's advisor/stand in huntsman, and he's always delightful.

Yes, it's a rehashing of the old Snow White tale, but it's got a little something extra too. You can't have a passive, screaming, useless Snow White like you used to, no, this one has a bit of sass. It turns out the dwarves themselves are thieves, and it takes them a while to warm to our heroine, but once everything's dandy the movie takes a bit of a Robin Hood twist. I suppose it's to inject som extra life and action into the old story, and in some ways it works quite well.

It's mostly let down by the acting and the dialogue. We have Julia Roberts spouting sarcastic lines at every opportunity, which gets old after about two minutes. The prince is just silly most of the time. It seems like they rush through a lot of plot points too, even though the movie is quite long. There's some secret hideout that the queen goes to that's never really explained, we just have to take it as it is.

So yes, this isn't a great movie, but it's not as bad as I was expecting either. It held my attention for the most part, and my kids liked it, so I'd say it's a good one for the family to watch. There's a fair amount of action and humour injected into it to keep it fresh, it's just let down by a few flaws. It's not the fairest of them all, but it is fair.

My rating: 3/5

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