Tuesday 31 July 2012

Today's Review: The Vet's Inability To Get Our Cat's Name Right

Well, I'm a couple of weeks into owning a cat, and up until now it was relatively inexpensive. Then today we took her to the vet and splashed out £50 to get her first set of jabs. Yeah, first, there's more to come. I know babies have a lot of jabs, but at least they're free. 

Anyway, our cat's name is Bibi, because her white markings make it look like she's wearing a bib. I don't know man, I didn't choose it. It's a weird name, sure, but when we called up the vets to book the appointment and enunciated the name clearly, we did not expect to be called into our appointment by a woman saying "Have you got Biddy?"

Yes, Biddy. It's even plastered all over the records they gave us. Seriously, Biddy? Why would anyone give their cat the same name as an annoying old woman? It probably should have set off alarm bells when they didn't first ask us to spell out the name, but I didn't think they could get it that wrong. I'm sure if I said the cat's name was "Arsehole" they would have double checked. Oh well, maybe we'll just have to get another cat and call it "Coot", although I can only imagine how they'd get that one wrong...

My rating: 0/5

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  1. We get this. Our puppy Marley has been called Narley, Narney, and Barney by the vet. Not exactly hard to get names right, I'd written it down for them!