Monday 9 July 2012

Today's Review: Starburst Strawberry Milkshake

I got one of these babies the other day, on offer with the Galaxy mocha. That's two reviews from one transaction, how frugal of me. But yes, here is a Starburst milkshake, that is only focusing on one particular flavour of Starburst, going with the most likely one possible of course. You know, I'd like to try a blackcurrant milkshake, or an apple. That would be interesting. But strawberry? Yawn.

The bottle has a little disclaimer saying that it's "school friendly". There's an asterisk right after those words though, but I couldn't find the corresponding asterisk on the bottle at all, so I'll assume it means "as long as you go to this one school we know will accept it". But after spending far too long looking at the bottle I decided to open it. Therein the challenge lies.

First of all you have to open up the sports cap at the top. Why a milkshake bottle needs a sports cap, I don't know. Maybe it's so you can save some for after your exercise regime in the summer sun, if you like to reward your effort with spoiled milk. But this sports cap is not the only thing in your way. Oh no. After a few unsuccessful sucks, and looking like an idiot, I realised that in fact you have to twist the cap right off and take off the foil cap that's attached to the bottle. Seriously, Mars? I don't need that much security on my milkshake.

Well, with those shenanigans over, it was time to drink it. It's... nice. It has a good flavour, distinctly sweet, but not in a sickly way like most strawberry milkshakes I've had. It's a creamy, smooth texture, and it all comes together nicely. It's just a bit bland is all. Plus the packaging sucks.

My rating: 4/5


  1. Hmm, that sounded like a 3/5 review. "Sucky impractical packaging, unexciting flavour choice, nice enough taste, 4/5!" doesn't quite mesh for me :P

  2. Hey, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Perhaps I mistyped. Perhaps I'm being sponsored by Mars... We'll never know.