Sunday 22 July 2012

Today's Review: The Fact That No One's Ruined The Dark Knight Rises For Me Yet

I'm going to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow morning. It's been out for three whole days already. I was expecting to have duck and dodge from people telling me how amazing it is, or what happens, because people are generally inconsiderate douches who don't know the meaning of "spoiler alert". But surprisingly, I've been okay.

I mean, I work at Blockbuster. It would have been so easy for a movie nut to walk in and spill the beans. People have done it before, but generally for movies I don't care about. But my faith in humanity has been restored, as no one has burst in screaming the plot at the top of their lungs. So I'm gonna be okay. I'll walk into that cinema tomorrow spoiler free. It will be good.

My rating: 5/5

P.S. Anyone who wants to be a douchebag and comment on this with a spoiler, I'm letting you know you won't be effective. Once this is published I'm going dark. I'm watching The Dark Knight, sleeping, then waking up and heading straight for the movie. Take that, spoilerators.

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