Monday 30 July 2012

Today's Review: Biscuit Crunch

We've had a Home Bargains open up in town, and indeed there are bargains. It's like Poundland, but with less shitty but slightly more expensive stuff, or just as shitty but cheaper stuff. Amazing. One of the many items I flung into my basket was this variety of Crunch I'd never tried before. Only 49p!

It's basically your regular Crunch bar, but instead of the Rice Krispie type cereal there's biscuit. An interesting change, and I must say quite a nice one. The pieces are more filling, they have a nicer texture, it's just more of a substantial bar in general. Plus the chocolate is still as good as ever. If you're a fan of Crunch, try and hunt one of these down, I for one think it's better than the original.

My rating: 5/5


  1. Home Bargains is the bomb! There's apparently also a caramel version of Crunch:

    1. Wow, I'll have to bookmark that site. I love hunting down new snack foods, as you can probably tell...

  2. There's a lot of these sites around, you can easily lose lots of time looking on them lol.

    Here's another bar of interest...the strawberry Aero: