Tuesday 3 July 2012

Today's Review: Carex Chocolate Orange Hand Soap

Oh yeah, this is getting real now. Are your kids filthy buggers? does the mere sight of soap send them into a screaming frenzy? What you need is this stuff. It's soap that smells like a chocolate orange. and yes, I can attest that it does actually smell like chocolate orange. It's amazing. Better still, after the initial scent it gave way to a sort of jelly baby tone. That's two types of confectionary in one.

So yeah, this stuff smells good. A little dangerous if you ask me though. If a kid can smell a vast amount of chocolatey goodness in their soap, what's to stop them scorfing it down? They don't have common sense. Hell, I'm a grown man and even I entertained the thought. This soap is good, but perhaps it's too good...

My rating: 4/5


  1. Really nice hand wash!

  2. I won a special addition bottle the other week and it is amazing, it was for valentines day :) I entered here - http://www.fantasticfreebies.co.uk/free-carex-special-edition-hand-wash/ and won :D

  3. My boyfriend uses this soap. He smells of chocolate orange in all the right places. Absolute heaven!