Sunday 29 July 2012

Today's Review: Leaving Blockbuster

Yes, today was my last day at the job I have worked at for over four years. The job that enabled me to watch so many movies, and made this whole review a day thing possible. Sure, I seem to have strayed more into the food review territory, but it was the movies that inspired me to start writing this. But fear not, what few dedicated readers I may have out there, I will still review some movies. It's just now I won't be able to get so many for free, and that's probably the worst thing about leaving Blockbuster. Going from ten free rentals a week to none will take some getting used to.

Not that it was awful working there. Sure, it had its bad times and problems, but what job doesn't? But I had the opportunity to work with some good people, in a relatively relaxed environment, and I'll most certainly look back upon my time there with rose tinted glasses. For now though, it's on to a new job. Not a particularly spectacular move, I'm now working at Tesco. But it gives me more fixed hours, giving me more spare time to improve on my writing and work on getting some other things done with my life. Your time gets sapped quickly when you watch movies all the time. So expect a lot more food related reviews, but don't give up hope, I sure won't stop watching movies. 

So yes, I feel good about my decision. It's a catalyst for change, one that will hopefully lead to me pursuing other things, working towards that "proper job" I should have had since leaving university. But you can't leave somewhere you've worked for four years of your life and not feel a little apprehensive. I had some good times. I was comfortable. But sometimes you've got to move on if you want to move forward. Here's to the next great adventure.

My rating: 3/5

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