Tuesday 1 January 2013

Today's Review: Blood Blisters

I trapped my finger earlier, but instead of the skin tearing asunder and wetting my hand with a nice stream of blood, or a nice colourful bruise creeping over my fingertip, my body went somewhere inbetween. My blood vessels were damaged, but the skin remained intact, providing me with a nice red blister that hurt quite a bit.

At least it brought a bit of colour to my hand. But it's not a particularly nice experience. I would have popped it there and then, but I was at work and didn't fancy bleeding on people's groceries. But now I am at home, and after sticking a pin into it I am well on the way to recovery. It's no use keeping all that blood trapped in your finger, and now it's out it hurts less when I touch things, so that's a result for me.

Blood blisters are an odd type of wound. Like a cut without a cut, they hurt like a bitch at first, and then continue to hurt after that. At least it was just a small one this time, I wouldn't like to experience a bigger one.

My rating: 1/5

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