Monday 28 January 2013

Today's Review: As Seen On TV Stickers

You know how many times I've bought something that I've "seen on TV"? Well, lots of times probably, there are adverts everywhere. But what I don't like is certain products reminding me of the fact that I saw them on TV. For one thing, what if I didn't see this thing on TV? I'm sure it was shown on TV at several times, on several stations, but I hardly watch TV, so I probably didn't see them. So when a product tries to explain itself to me this way, I normally say "So what, you're on TV, you think you're a big deal?", and then I don't get a response because I'm talking to an inanimate object.

But say I did see this product on TV. I don't need the thing to have a big sticker reminding me of the fact. I know what I've watched, I can make informed decisions about my purchases, and I don't need a sticker to help me find my way. I may be coming off as snobby, perhaps these stickers are helpful for people. But I just don't get how they work, or why they're necessary. So you've been on TV, does that mean I should just buy you? Does it?

Still no response. I should stop talking to my Slap Chop.

My rating: 1/5

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