Sunday 13 January 2013

Today's Review: Magic Mike

Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer are male strippers. That's enough to get all the ladies to buy this movie. See, I wouldn't have made such a bold, sweeping statement a year or so ago, but then 50 Shades Of Grey sold millions, and it's now clear that women are as perverted as us guys.

So yes, Magic Mike is a movie about male strippers, and that's all I was expecting going into it. Thankfully I didn't get an eyeful of schlong, for some reason. Are willies still taboo? You'd think they'd put at least one in here somewhere. But I digress. Channing Tatum plays "Magic" Mike, a man who works by day and strips by night (also working, but it's a lot of fun, alright?), who recruits a down-on-his-luck guy into his troupe so they can have dollar bills thrown at them by screaming women. But Mike wants to do something with his life that isn't taking his clothes off for money, and the new guy may end up causing more trouble for him than he first thought.

My plot description may sound a little lacklustre, but that's it is. I appreciate that they tried to add a bit of a story to not make the whole movie about naked men, but despite some things clearly happening, I got to the end thinking that not much had really happened. There was a slight predicament, things were said and done, but at the end of it all no one really learned anything and not much really changed.

There were some good things about Magic Mike, although not too much. All the actors did quite well, and the dialogue seemed very natural, almost improvised in a way. It's clear these people had a lot of fun with their characters, and felt comfortable in their roles to be able to shoot the shit so freely throughout. Still, despite the good performances, it couldn't really keep me interested in a movie with not much plot. I know I'm not the target audience, but I tried to see things from the mind of a sex-starved man-eater, and I still wasn't too impressed. It's certainly not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it's not very good.

My rating: 2/5

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