Saturday 26 January 2013

Today's Review: Sticky Entry Wristbands

Of all the entry themed items you can get, these are the worst, and I really dislike lanyards.

I wore one of these today, and while it wasn't so bad while wearing it, putting these things on is a hazard to hairy armed men like me. If you put one millimetre of the sticky part out of place, hairs will stick and be tugged immediately, forcing you to rip them out to continue your day in comfort. If that's not bad enough, when I get home I normally find out I wrapped it a little too tight, so getting the scissors in to cut it off ends up being a near death experience.

I understand why people use them, they're a cheap, effective way to ensure payment has been made and entry granted. But seriously, I'd take a lanyard any day.

My rating: 1/5