Wednesday 16 January 2013

Today's Review: Chocolate Coins

Here I am, working my way through the dregs of the holiday chocolate. I can't very well start eating healthily when there's still unhealthy stuff hiding in dark corners, can I? So in front of me is a stack of chocolate coins, the cheap chocolate variety. I know there are Cadbury's ones that are quite nice, but we never seem to get those. Instead I'm stuck with these oversized advent calendar chocolates wrapped tightly in foil.

It's not too hard to open them, I must admit, but there is a certain amount of effort involved that makes me wonder if it was worth the reward. You've got to get your nail right into the groove, twice, to get to the chocolatey centre, and there's always going to be some chocolate shaving fallout under your fingernail. Why are they wrapped like this? Why must it be this way? What's even the point of coin shaped chocolate? You can tell they're made of chocolate just by looking at them, giving them the markings of an actual 10p isn't helping anyone.

I just don't get it really. These things are snatched up every Christmas, but they're almost invariably bland, and difficult to open, relative to other chocolate. I'd rather have a proper bar any day.

My rating: 2/5

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