Saturday 5 January 2013

Today's Review: Walk Off The Earth's I Knew You Were Trouble

Remember that cover of Somebody That I Used To Know with five people on one guitar? Well, it seems they've struck gold again, as their latest cover video is going viral and appearing in the new and such. They've taken Taylor Swift's strangely bassy new single and performed it a capella with fellow YouTuber KRNFX providing some kick ass beat boxing. Sarah provides some flawless vocals, while Gianni Luminati and the others provide some excellent beats and harmonies, in a one take video that I can't really get out of my head.

Of course, if it takes off as well as Somebody That I Used To Know did, it's a good thing for all involved. The band become known as more than a one trick pony, and the listeners get to hear another fantastic cover. But already the video is peppered with comments asking where the "beard guy" is who so dutifully plucked the neck of the guitar in the aforementioned video. This band has kicked out several fantastic covers and original songs throughout the past year, and it's a little sad to see that people are still focusing on that one video. Still, this cover just goes to show how versatile Walk Off The Earth really are, able to abandon their instruments completely and still kick out a version of a song that, in my opinion, betters the original. It's also introduced me to KRNFX, who has some great work on display on his YouTube channel.

This is what the internet age is all about. People can come together, make great music,  and be seen and spread throughout the world by people who otherwise wouldn't know a thing about them. Walk Off The Earth have gotten a record contract on the tail end of last year's video hit, and they're going on tour soon.They deserve it when they keep on churning out good quality stuff like this. If their London tour date wasn't on my son's birthday I would be there with bells on.

My rating: 5/5

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