Wednesday 23 January 2013

Today's Review: Touchscreen Gloves

Life is good, with all our fantastic touchscreen phones that can do everything, but one thing they can't do is make our hands less cold when we use them in winter. But this first world problem is easily solved by picking up a pair of touchscreen gloves. They seemed to be everywhere at Christmas, especially in one of my presents. I'd been suffering after needing to remove my leathery gloves every time I wanted to use my phone, leaving my hands exposed and starting to go numb, so I was pretty happy to get a nice pair of gloves. Most allow just the index finger and thumb to swipe away, but the pair I got give me free reign of all my fingers, and probably my palm, but that would be an awkward way to use a phone.

Suddenly my life has changed, for the month or so that it will be cold enough to wear gloves. Not only can I use my phone while keeping my hands warm, I can also use those self service tills at Tesco while wearing gloves, or anything else that is vaguely touchscreeny for that matter. Touchscreen gloves are a great solution to a new and annoying problem.

My rating: 5/5

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  1. Featuring with the conducting threads in their finger tips allow these gloves to maintain the electricity flow from your hands to the phone to make it functional. Ordinary gloves are made from woolen fibers which prevent the access to touch phones that if you wear then you cannot use your smartphone. On the other hand, the gloves that work with touch screens consist of conducting fiber that make it easy to use your device. touch screen gloves supplier