Tuesday 14 January 2014

Today's Review: Creme Egg Mini Ice Creams

I can give or take Creme Eggs most of the time. I enjoy them while I eat them, but I never really long to tuck into one. But this product drew my attention in the frozen food section, they're mini Creme Egg ice creams in tiny cones. 

Yeah, I mean tiny. I could probably have fit it all in my mouth at once, but I decided to savour it. As you can see, it's like a Cornetto, but with a growth. The top is very much like a Creme Egg, but only in appearance. A chocolate shell, filled with soft vanilla ice cream with a "fondant sauce" centre. After I ate my way through this chocolatey ball, I found that there was indeed no centre at the top, as displayed on the box. Instead, I would find it further down, in the middle of the cone. The mere presence of the cone itself is a little odd. It doesn't really go well with the rest of the ice cream, and only seems to be there to facilitate holding. Not that the flavour of the rest is anything special. The chocolate is nice, but the ice cream is a little bland, and the fondant didn't really do anything to add to the flavour. Perhaps I would have grown to like it if the whole experience wasn't over so quickly, but just look how small it is. If you're crazy for Creme Eggs, by all means seek these out, but to be honest, they're nothing special. Edible, but there are a lot of better ice creams out there.

My rating: 2/5


  1. I think we need a comprehensive list of all these Creme Egg branded goodies being brought out.

  2. I had these today and there lush! I could have eaten the box. As the reviewer stated there not fond on cream eggs anyway!